T-shirts are loved for their versatility, comfort, fashion and of course low price! Finding a good one is equally important with a good quality and material to make you look more fashionable with equal comfort and elegance.

So, it becomes important to get yourself a high-quality t-shirt. Investing in the right quality of t-shirt really makes a difference and id better for a planet, your skin and even your pocket!

Though there are various ways to measure quality in a t-shirt, getting one with a good fabric is very important. So, before buying a t-shirt, we generally focus on the quality, cost, brand and the style it gives.

Cotton tee shirts for your comfort

We, at Himkar are concerned for the quality t-shirts that we sell to our customers and they too love to wear them. By not compromising with the quality, we also care for the comfort and the looks that our customers love to fit in.

Himkar is a leading clothing brand that deals in providing high-quality t-shirts, manufactured with 100% cotton and a wide variety of colours and shades to add in yout daily look.

Buying high quality t-shirts is easy with us

With Himkar, you can always rely on what you are buying as we give you the best manufacturing products with a very high quality because quality matters too.

Right from choosing 100% organic cotton for you to taking care of the customisation in colours, we deliver our customers 100% satisfaction and good quality material that is comfortable for your skin.

We use fibres that are natural and score well in sustainability. Cotton being one of the most comforting fabrics. has other qualities too and is called "king of all fabrics." There are several reasons for it; one being that the fabric is a mix of softness, breathable and comfortable in casual wear.

Our brand believes in using organic cotton that is free from chemicals, fertilisers and is eco-friendly. 

Now that you know the quality to buy in t-shirts and get the desired comfort, we have for you a checklist that we keep in the process of manufacturing quality t-shirts for you;

1. Measurements

An important quality check on how the measurements will fit in a general size is what we take care of! We ensure that all the measurements match the specifications outlines on the tech pack. All measurements fall in a specific and acceptable range is what we ensure about.

2. Getting right on the positions

Keeping a check on the positioning is a crucial part and we do it just right to ensure that the appearance you carry after wearing the t-shirts is perfect and does not drop from shoulders or either side.

With all this, we examine that fittings are straight and comfortable to the customers. With minimum defects in manufacturing, we also keep in mind that the product should not look unappealing or uncomfortable after wearing.

Hence, we enhance the patterns with the help of skilled sewers who identify the issues and correct them at initial stage.

3. Puckering in a problem

Puckering generally happens when there is too much stitching done on a part of the fabric and it pushes the fabric inward. If this problem is neglected, the fabric gathers unexpectedly and the stitches might break easily after everyday wear.

4. Washing should not be a problem

A good quality fabric must not be a problem after washing. While manufacturing and picking the right fabric for your is a challenge for us and we don't want you to experience frayed edges after the first wash because we, as a brand, believe in giving a standard quality fabric that is easily washable and has neat and clear finish.

5. Keep sewing flaws away

Sewing carries major defects if not taken care while manufacturing. We ensure that there are no failures in stitching formations and there are no unhooked threads floating on the top of the fabric.

Looking after other defects such as non-aligned underarm seam and incorrect stitching per inch is what we take care of which directly affects the appearance after wearing the t-shirts.

7. Color matters

Manufacturing the entire t-shirts with the same colour tone is task and we guarantee our customers on that. Usually, the process of the colour ribbing becomes difficult when the fabric pieces aren't from the same roll. To avoid the product looking odd and uneven, we take off getting the same identical hues on all parts of the t-shirts.

8. Design details

Design is what attracts the most in the t-shirts after you put in on. Generally, heat transfer and acrylic painting are used for printing methods. While using these techniques, we make sure that the garment quality is nowhere affected of the product suffers damage.

9. Choose the fabric wisely

We, at Himkar mostly choose cotton fabrics, that are comfortable and trendy to wear. Cotton being the best fabric is breathable and soft and lets you function easily. Hence, we are just right on our checklist to choose cotton as a the manufacturing fabric.

10. Ensuring inspection

Avoiding the most common production errors can't be missed. Examining errors like uneven shoulders, inappropriate size measurements, uneven colour tone etc. is generally resolved by the process of pressing that identifies that problems in the t-shirts.

Himkar is one of the best brand which is able to craft and design tees that you will love after wearing at parties or even for casual days. 

With the checklist we have, we as a brand, want our customers to wear t-shirts and appreciate the versatility, comfort and fashion, all at low prices and keep coming back to us for more.