No matter who you are, what you do, where you live, everybody wears t-shirts. Even if somebody is in formal attire all-day, at the end of the day they will get in a comfy t-shirt. 

T-shirts can be worn anyhow. We can wear them under a blazer, under a t-shirt or just a plain t-shirt on jeans. This kind of versatile outfit definitely makes its place in everybody's wardrobe. 

Even after such a common choice, we can't just wear the same type of t-shirts. We follow a different lifestyle and have different needs. 

That is the reason we have a large variety of t-shirts in the market. But even after having all the options right in front of you, you might end up picking the wrong one. 

 So here are some pro tips, so that you won't regret what you paid for.

1. Before buying anything you should know what you need. Everybody wants a high-quality t-shirt for themselves but t-shirts are much more than high quality and low quality. 

Being one of the basic needs, t-shirts are created to cover-up everybody's requirements. A good quality t-shirt should be comfortable and more cotton means more comfort. 

If a t-shirt is 100% cotton, it will be the most comfortable thing to wear at home but if you are a sportsperson then you need to go for something that is having the tendency to absorb sweat. 

Buying a cotton t-shirt for sports is a really bad idea. This is how we are supposed to categorize our requirements and then sort them out from the pile of t-shirts. 

However, your needs aren't just limited to your activities. It also depends on the occasion or the place you are going to wear your t-shirt. 

If you are going to wear it in casual or under a blazer just go for the quality, a low-quality fabric is easily visible so just don't embarrass yourself and loosen up your pockets a little bit. 

Printed t-shirts can work great as a party wear outfit. Whereas choosing a plain, 100% cotton t-shirt is the best choice for you. If you know what you need, it will ease up your bucket list by a significant number. 

2. If you don't want to be fooled and pay for scrap then you have to pay more. A cheap t-shirt is cheaper for obvious reasons. 

The best t-shirt brand will never throw away their quality made t-shirts at cheaper prices. When you have to choose between quality and money, always go for the quality. 

You will never regret it. But blindly paying money without checking for the quality is a worse idea. You will end up losing both money and quality. 

Chemicals can be used to make the textile softer for short duration but it will lose it gradually. Don't be deceived by the softness just go for a moderate option. 

You can also have the wrinkle test. Try to wrinkle a corner of the cloth, if it doesn't get any wrinkles then it's definitely synthetic if it gets too many wrinkles then it is uncomfortable to wear. 

You need to find something in between. You can check if the cloth is transparent. If a cloth is more transparent, much like a translucent material than it is less dense. 

In the case of clothes, the denser the material, better the cloth. It doesn't make it heavier or uncomfortable, it just makes it of good quality. 

Another thing you can check is the stitching. Stitching keeps the cloth together if it is loosely stitched then it wasn't paid much attention while manufacturing. 

Always go for the t-shirts which are tightly stitched. You can also find organic t-shirts in the markets which are very comfortable. These are some of the ways to assure quality.  

3. There are some other ways to check for the quality of the t-shirt. 

There are some certifications which are created to assure the buyer that this particular outfit was manufactured under the serious procedure and the best quality materials were used. 

You have to be informative to check it. You can check if the brand is certified with that particular certificate. These certifications ensure the quality of the raw materials used. 

You can also check the label of the outfit, the composition used is usually written there but if it's not there then it means lots of synthetic mixtures were used and prefer not to buy it unless it's particularly filling up your need. 

Checking certifications is the best way as it assures you of the manufacturing procedures which were used to make that outfit. 

It is one of the most crucial factors as a cloth can be of good quality but can be ruined as it is turned into an outfit because it didn't undergo proper manufacturing procedures. Hence, good construction gives good clothing.  

4. Every cotton t-shirt brand will claim that they have the best cotton T-shirts. But if you start believing everything people say then you will be fooled more often. 

Then how will you make sure that you are buying the best for yourself. Just go for the reviews, not only the top reviews but try to scroll a bit more and you might find what you need to know.

Reviews tell a lot about the brands. Their quality, comfort, size variation, etc. 

By this, you will know the real feedback of the customers who used the same product or are using it right now that will help you to decide if you want to buy that product or not. 

5. If you are still in dilemma then just go for the brand you are already using. You have already used that particular brand and you know about its texture. 

If it's color fades away with time or not. While using the same brand for a long time we start trusting it and we know that it will give you the quality material for your money. 

So instead of going somewhere else just stick to your regular clothing brand and get your desired t-shirt without any further doubts. 

By the help of these tips, get the best durable and pick the designer t-shirts for you.