While men could find themselves stuck with a few limited options to play well with their dress up, finding a few interesting ways to turn out to be presentable. This could be done evens by using the correct elements with simple Himkar organic cotton t shirts and making the right choices.

Well, there is still a lot that could go wrong with your T-shirts. You rather need to be careful and well aware about whatever you get for your wardrobe. 

Make sure that your wardrobe essentials specially T-shirts are selected well and help in enhancing your appearance and confidence as you move to places and people. 

Clothing could a considerable way to create the best impressions over the people you meet. Indeed, how you dress will certainly determine your masculinity being flaunted.  

Tips to choose the best organic cotton T-shirts for men

If you’re still confused about what could be the best pick to style yourself for everyday that may come across, here are a few tips that you may consider:

Nail the fit

Wearing T-shirts that look appealing is just like preparing a cake. Every ingredient needs to be perfectly measured before use so that the right taste is achieved. A T-shirt similarly is all about the perfect fit.
A t-shirt that’s too big in size will cause the fabric to “Bunch up” and the waist and the sleeves often turn out to be sloppy in that case.
On the other hand a t-shirt that’s small may make you feel and look constricted. Knowing your body type would be the best to avoid these problems.


The correct fit is important to highlight your masculinity. Therefore considering the following points for fitting would be great: 

The T-shirt should be long enough that you can tuck it in your pants. A T-shirt with this length should extend past your hip bone, slightly covering up the waistline. 

The sleeves shouldn’t flare around buts be fit around your arms. Ideal T-shirt sleeves should not extend to the elbows. Look around for sleeves that are slightly shorter since they make you look muscular. 

Your t-shirt should slightly go according to the curve of your torso. However, do not keep it too tight since it may highlight your stomach more. 

They should perfectly lie on to your shoulders. Also, the gap between the neck areas should not be too much when you raise your hands. 

Himkar T-shirts offer you the most suitable fit so that you could represent your perfect taste in dressing. 

Look for Organic Cotton T-Shirts

Getting a T-shirt that leaves everyone flattered will also require to be made out of a good fabric. Although there may be T-shirts with almost same colors and designs, different fabric makes a great difference. 

Since fabric is going to affect the overall appearance of the t-shirt, it is essential to look for a fabric that actually proves to be beneficial. Himkar Organic cotton T-shirts tend to come along environmental sustainability. 

Their manufacturing processes are accomplished with no chemicals or fertilizers which is definitely an environment friendly step. Cotton t-shirts are also affordable options; you can easily get premium quality Tees at desirable prices, keeping up your chic fashion preferences. 

A great aspect with these is that you may put on a few from the wide range of color options available.

The comfort with appropriate neck

The cardinal rule to get a perfect t-shirt is that it should not give away the glimpse of your undershirt to the viewer. 

Getting T-shirts with necks that suit this way for you could be a great deal. They do generally do not over expose the chest and carry an efficient style. 

They not only make the T-shirts looks unique but also add width and height to your overall appearance. 

Some typical styles including crew necks tend to make your neck look bigger, exposing them more. Any other disproportions like a shorter neck or narrow face will be managed well by them. 

Be careful while you think of getting the ones with a boat neck or a scoop neck since they suit for only a few.  

Pick those classic colours

You cannot just ignore the basics. Over all this time, colours had done a lot good for men’s style after all. 

Classic colours should be mostly preferred. These include white, black and navy colours. You may rather not consider white since it may make you look underdressed. 

Considering white is however suitable for occasions that do not require you to present much vibrant energy.  

The different shades of white make it compatible with both brighter and darker outfits bringing in flexibility to your dressing possibilities. 

Black is the most versatile option out of all since it suits well for almost all clothing combinations.  

During day time navy is more preferable than black since it tends to give a good effect with regards to tonal looks, when combined with jeans. This means the clothes will not clash. 

Vest for a mature look

If you want to appear more mature, you may prefer wearing a vest along with your t-shirt. Vests are generally associated with men who are rich, older or have a good taste. 

This could be a good way to highlight your sophistication. However, make sure that your T-shirt is tightly tucked under your vest. 

You can do this occasionally to present some different dimensions of your personality.  

Put on a sports jacket

A good quality sports jacket could help in adding on more ruggedness to your overall appearance. 

Pleats, ticket pockets and arm patches make them really appealing. They could help to accentuate your masculinity, presenting sporting gentleman attire. 

Pay attention to the collar of the jacket before you incorporate it along with your T-shirt. There should be a few similarities between the neckline of your t-shirt and the jacket’s collar.  

Chose well-fitted, dark wash jeans

Denims could certainly make your entire outfits look even sexier. Therefore, it is worthy to look for the jeans that suit your body type. 

Dark blue could be the most versatile pick and is often very common. You can execute something interesting by wearing them up or down based on the occasion. Turning it into a dark wash could be a really great decision. 

You may prefer acid wash, stone wash or vintage wash to obtain a darker hue. This could be great to prevent your jeans from looking faded if you’re wearing them regularly.

Find Luxury while getting organic cotton t-shirts for men

When it’s about getting t-shirts, you may often grab a pack of three from a local mart. However, there could be many considerable reasons why you should look for luxury brands and standard t-shirts for yourself. Irrespective of the frequent washes, Himkar tee keep up the same size and shape. 

These are generally designed considering a drape in mind therefore; they could offer you the best fittings ever. Along with that they will leave enough room for breathing and movement as you want. 

Semi-fitted Himkar organic cotton t-shirts for men tend to offer the most suitable fit for them. Further, considering your body type, you may also choose to play with different types of sleeves. 

Look around for colors that would allure your wardrobe better than ever and let you meet your style statements. High-quality brings along a lot of other benefits rather than just quality. They not only look good but also feel good and comfortable.