Cotton is one of the most demanded fibre today.  It has become an inevitable part of one's living, which is why it is also called the "fabric of our lives".

Mankind has been using cotton for the last 7000 years daily for different purposes. However, conventional cotton has huge environmental impacts, which have led the cotton industries globally to shift to a sustainable choice- organic cotton.

Cotton is the most widely used raw material across the world today. It is used for manufacturing apparel, denim, home textiles, towels, lingerie and even food and medical products.

It is a well known fact that growing cotton has many c challenges and it requires an adequate amount of water, chemicals and pesticide in the process of its harvest.

The production of organic cotton is best for the well-being of farmers, their land and the farm.

No wonder why organic cotton is trending in India these days. With several reasons to list out for the same, you must also know what organic cotton is.

As the name identifies, organic cotton is the cotton produced and certified to organic agricultural standards and is grown without the use of toxic chemicals or GMOs ( genetically modified organisms).

Its farming is all about tradition, innovation and science to benefit the ecosystem. After all, with great sustainability comes responsible fashion!

With its listed benefits, people all around the world are encouraging organic cotton farming and are trading clothes and fabrics made from it.

We too are a part of this culture now and with world-class quality organic cotton, we bring to you organic T-shirts that will add grace to your fashion.

These organic cotton tee shirts are made from materials that are grown and produced with no chemicals, pesticides or by any method that is harmful to the ecosystem.

We take utmost care in choosing and differentiating as to what type of organic fabric is good for your skin and health.

Why is organic cotton the talk of the town?

With a trend of wearing clothes made from organically produced cotton, humans have now started adapting and encouraging farming globally. India has a wide history of growing and manufacturing cotton and apparel.

The tradition continues. Keeping care of the sustainability of the environment, its farming contributes a lot to the fight against global warming. By encouraging a sustainable environment, we bring to you fair price organic white t-shirts that add spark to your style.

A fashion-forward fabric, organic cotton has become the talk of the town. With the growing industry standards of textile and technology at the same time, it has all become commercial now. It was not the same decades ago.

Since the production methods are all eco friendly and safe from chemicals, you give a fair price for the products and invest in water conservation, cleaner air, better soil and farmer livelihoods.

This keeps the demand for organic cotton materials in high demand. With this, we give you more choices in buying the best organic cotton t-shirts from us!

Why should you have one?

India has always carried a culture of mixed classes and diversities. It is always important to focus on what you wear as it directly impacts your physical and mental well being.

Thinking of your well being, we impact-fully focus on the quality of the product we are selling. As we highly encourage organic clothing, it becomes equally important for us to provide you with the best fabric and material that we manufacture.

For this, we rely on the latest and upgraded machinery and technology for the farming system that sustains the health of the soils, ecosystems and people. 

Look at how interesting the process is

With the ongoing of this decade, it is quite thoughtful to increase the adoption of non-chemical farming options. With modern agricultural technology, everything seems possible now!

We, at Himkar, also encourage all our customers to go for “green shopping” that paves a way to help farmers grow and also balance nature in the process of growing crops.

With eco-friendly methods and with no use of toxic chemicals in its production, organic cotton has set standards in the textile industry.

Organically grown cotton reduces soil erosion and creates healthy soil and this type of soil has the power to withstand even drought conditions.

Organic cultivation changes the soil into a carbon pit, which helps remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. It helps farmers to work to support the planet sustainably.

Let us now know about the four simple step process from farm to t shirt:

  • Planting and Growing: being the first and foremost step of organic cotton cultivation, from planting cotton seeds by the farmers till getting flowers from the seed covers this process. 
  • Harvesting: with the cotton in bulk, farmers then harvest the same in the respective season and make it suitable for manufacturing by the sellers. 
  • Ginning: the process of removing cotton seeds from the hand-picked cotton plants by machines is known as ginning. 
  • Manufacturing: the process of manufacturing includes ;
  1. Spinning the cotton fibres to create yarn;
  2. Weaving or knitting to create cotton bolts of cotton fabric;
  3. Fabric dyeing;
  4. Finishing the process to create smooth fabric;
  5. Cutting and sewing of garments for consumers. 


With a well-equipped industry of cotton textile in India, getting organic cotton products is not a big task now!

With a basic understanding of what organic means, you now know to confidently spend money on the type of organic fabric being sold in the market.

With all this, we bring to you the best organic cotton T-shirts in India that are of exceptional quality and the softness that you would love to wear as we comply with all the standards of quality and labelling.

So, what are you waiting for! Come let’s put forward our support to take care of planet earth to make a better place to live.