There is no one-size-fits-all situation when it comes to pairing casual t-shirts with practically any sort of trousers. T-shirts can be worn for every activity or occasion, from casual to formal, if you put some through into it.

However, there are certain territories of fashion where you should not go unguided or unprepared, or else you'll be prone to committing major fashion crimes.

It is of utmost importance to throughly plan out your outfit from top to bottom. Not every trouser/bottom wear is meant to be rocked with a casual t-shirts. We're here to sort that issue out for you. 

Here we have summed up a few creative and stylish ways to pair up different t-shirts with different types of trousers to step up your styling game.  Read on

Basic joggers/trousers

This one is self-evident. T-shirts in various colours and tints look great with joggers and basic trousers, it's no secret.. This outfit is appropriate for day-to-day activities and informal get-togethers.

Joggers with t-shirts are one of the most comfortable outfits for visiting cafes or libraries to study or work comfortably, or for going for regular walks.

For this  outfit, you don't even need to think about what colours to wear or what shoes to wear. From time they are put on, they're ready to go.

Cargo pants

When paired with a casual t-shirts, cargo pants give you a flawlessly strong style with their stylish huge-sized pockets, rough and rugged look, and comfort.

When it comes to cargo pants, you now have a variety of options. The khaki-coloured ones, the jogger-style ones, the slim-fit cargo trousers, and the cargo shorts are all available. But the important element is that they look great with t-shirts.

Put on a pair of white shoes as the finishing touch to the look. If you want to go for a skate-boy appearance, all you need a isa casual hat and you're all set.

Formal pants

We all know that formal pants with a t-shirt are a recipe for disaster. But, hear us out: if you have the right body type, this fit is perfect. If you're confident enough, you may rock this style with a tucked-in t-shirt and formal pants.

Wear a white t-shirt to achieve the ideal modern yet formal style for attending formal events without looking too out of place.

Regular shorts

Shorts can now be worn in a variety of settings. If it's a casual occasion like going for a walk or going to a cafe, or if you're alone outside with your friends and family, you can wear a casual cotton t-shirts with ordinary shorts, which now come in a variety of styles, such as cargo shorts.

You can wear a t-shirt with them without much thinking, and there are no limitations on colour, contrast in any scenario. There are no particular rules that apply when it comes to wearing ordinary t-shirts with regular shorts for normal day-to-day activities.


Nothing speaks neat and stylish more than chino pants. When it comes to chino pants, t-shirts and boots are one of the most popular looks. It is necessary for every man to have at least one pair.

Chinos are one of the most popular men's pants right now. You will, however, need to put some consideration into pairing and executing this style.

The t-shirt must. be well fitting , and the shoes must match the pants. To achieve a nice and clean image choose chino pants in beige or neutral colours


Corduroy pants are in style because they are crozier and comfier than conventional trousers. Corduroy, which is most usually worn in brownish tones, has proven to be popular with our generation. To keep the look tranquil, pair them with light-coloured t-shirts.

Corduroy pants can be styled in a number of different ways. With corduroy pants. you have great control over the level of formality you wish to accomplish.

Layering a t-shirt with a hoodie or just a oversized shirt on top give youa fashionable street style look. Wear it to work with a smart blazer and a shirt.

Regular jeans

Hope you knew this one already😀. You don't need a special occasion to wear a casual cotton t-shirts with regular blues jeans. No look can top this honestly.

No matter the temperature or place, this fir can not let you down. The most important characteristic of a t-shirt with regular jeans is that you don't have to think about the colour of your t-shirt. Every colour is the right colour.

Pleated pants

Pleated pants can be worn by any one when matched with the right t-shirts or an overshirt. The now fashionable and edgy formal white pleated pants can be worn with a t-shirt for a variety or occasion.

Pleated pants in cream, white or neutral tones. T-shirt can provide you with an appealing look that is simple and uncomplicated. If you add an oversized blazer or overshirt in the same colour, you'll have the perfect appearance for a formal yet fun dinner. 

Pleated pants and a cotton t-shirt are appropriate for most occasions because they are neither too formal nor too informal.

Make the switch to organic cotton t-shirts

Cotton is, without a doubt, the most popular summer garment, but it is not without flaws. The fashion industry or "fast-fashion" to be specific is the top most polluting industry worldwide. 

Clothing made in a rapid and low-cost method does not survive long and must be thrown away because there is no way to recycle it.

Cotton, which is difficult to grow but in high demands, necessitates a large amount of herbicides, insecticides and water.

This wonderful calming fabric's water usage is one of the most dramatic. It absorbs these inputs, polluting local eco-systems and drinking water supplies.

Genetically modified cotton, often known as organic cotton, is now a savior of the era. This updated form is rapidly replacing the traditional type.

Organic cotton is a fiber developed to eliminate highly hazardous products from the environment and instead aid people and the earth holistically.

There's no better way to look stylish while also remaining environmentally conscious thant to make a conscious switch to organic cotton t-shirts. It is the natural fibre that adapts to temperature changes and provide an overall better experience with your clothing habits.


At Himkar, we are committed to ensuring that the environment is safe and sustainable. To appear stylish for every event, browse our broad selection of organic cotton t-shirts in classic colour including. Milky white, Bold black, Dark blue and Mighty maroon.

Work towards a movement that is solely dedicated to creating a better environment for everyone, cleaner practices, better clothing, and a better future.

You are not armed with the most up-to-date knowledge about men's outfit combinations for t-shirts and trouser. 

This is not to say you cannot try out your own fresh and creative combinations. You could potentially start a new trend.

Ending with happy note😀. Hope you received some insights to pep up your t-shirt game.