To meet the setting and to completely fit the vibe, different colours of clothing are required for different occasions.

Not every colour is appropriate for every situation. With so many different occasions throughout the year, it can be a daunting task to come up with outfit combinations that suit all of them.

There is no pressure, but there are fashion police, so be careful when choosing a colour scheme for any occasion.

In highly stimulating enjoyable parties or a casual picnic, you shouldn't wear drab and plain shades, and you shouldn't wear briliant vibrant colour to formal gatherings. 

There are a few crucial elements to bear in mind while choosing the colour palette for your wardrobe for the occasion. 

We've put together a list of occasions and the right colour tees to wear for each. Read on:

Casual outings

For casual settings, lighter colours are ideal. Choose an outfit with a colour scheme that is appropriate for the weather.

In the summer, we can wear cotton and light coloured clothing. During the winter, opt for deeper tone. In the winter, darker shades help you stay warm.

Light colour, on the other hand, are heat absorbing. Maintain your composure.

You can dress up in whatever way you choose depending on where you're going. When you decide to go for a solo walk or travel alone, wear light colours to assist you to chill down and relax while maintaining your positive vibe.

Family gathering

Family gathering are where you try to lift your spirits up while getting comfortable. Vibrant and bright as well as calm light colour can work here.

Pair your tees with comfortable cargo pants or chinos pants to feel well dressed while still feeling cozy and comfortable. 

Choose your outfit based on the events requirements. For instance, at a family BBQ. choose light and vibrant colours such as yellow, orange, and multicolour.

Date nights

Date nights are. the place where one tries to appear more confident and strong. Dark shades of colours like brown, blue are perfectly fine for a date night.

You can choose from a variety of options for a date night depending on the location of you date, you may want to avoid bright colours or, it's a casual setting, you may want to use neutral colours to appear more tranquil.

however, if you ave more stimulating activities planned , such a carnivals, you can go for darker shades of colours for your tees.

An interview

During an interview, the formal colours should be simple plain colours that aren't overly printer.

It is crucial to wear a lighter coloured shirt during an interview to avoid distracting your interviewer and diverting their attention away from your conversation and toward the colour of your apparel.

Vibrant colours can be distracting.

Formal parties

Who wears t-shirts at formal parties you ask? Hear us out, when combined with the right bottoms, a t-shirts can give that stylish yet formal look that your traditional blazer cannot give.

For instance. plain white t-shirt worn with pleated pants or neutral-coloured chino pants can give you the right amount of formal look.

Formal parties require a certain level of uniformity. Thus, the colour your t-shirt and overall outfit should also be in the same scheme of colours. 

Wear shaded that seems plained.


Colour and sized that pop like neon orange, yellow, and bright are excelled choices for ensuring that other hikers can see you that you are visible to them.

However, earth toned colours such as browns. greens, blacks, and greys are also preferred by hikers for safety purposes so as to not be visible when hiking.

Make sure you have something brightly coloured with you if you choose to wear these earth tones colours.

A jacket is frequent an excellent and convenient options. Even if there aren't any hunters around, you'll want to make sure you can be discovered as soon as possible if you get separated.

Wearing bright colours, on the other hand, is incredibly aesthetically appealing and makes outside photographs look fantastic.

Street-wear looks

Street-wear looks mainly depend on the weather, places, and aesthetic. For warm and sunny aesthetics wear t-shirts with vibrant happy colours instead of calm tones.

Whereas for a neutral aesthetic aim for colours that are not harsh on the eyes such as tab, brown, shades, beige, butterscotch yellow, etc. 

If you care about your social media and someone that liked to keep a systemic aesthetic, it's important to decide the colour shades of your outfits that go with the feed.

You can pinterest different types of aesthetics and colour for that specific aesthetic to get more ideas.

Switch to organic cotton t-shirts

Cotton is undoubtedly the most popular summer fabric, with its own set of problem though.

Cotton needs to be handled with care, is difficult to grow, but is still always in demand by the fashion would and the common man alike.

It is one of the most water-intensive commodities to grow in the world.

It absorbs these pollutants. contaminating local ecosystems and other water sources in the process.

Clothing made in a rapid and low-cost method does not survive long and must be thrown away because there is no way to recycle it.

Organic cotton is not the saviour of this era. This variety is an improved one and is created to help people and the surroundings, by removing toxic substances from the environment. 

Cotton adapts to changes in temperature and keeps our clothing comfortable throughout the day and across many temperatures.

We offer organic cotton t-shirts that will complement you wardrobe. These organic cotton tees are created from material that are grown and developed without the use of chemical, pesticides, or any other environmentally destructive materials.


The greatest method to keep confident no matter what the occasion is to strike a balance between clothes comfort, efficacy, and the right colour scheme.

You don't need to spend a significant amount of money on bulk clothing. You'll save time and money if you choose the appropriate sort.

Simply look at the colours that suit you best and choose clothing that contrasts with them.

Making the move to organic cotton t-shirts is the best way to look fashionable while still being environmentally conscious.