Who doesn't want comfort, fashion and trend all in one?

We, at Himkar have a got all this for you in the t-shirts we create and design for you.

Knowing what role a fabric in design and printing after being worn, we assure to sell you the best quality t-shirts made with standard quality fabric.

While getting a good quality t-shirt for yourself, you make sure of the fabric you are purchasing knowing its pros and cons. You just have to make sure that you choose the right one for your level of comfort will be counted on that.

Some t-shirt fabrics hold ink better that others and also the design and prints lasts longer on them.

If you know the difference between the fabrics, you're good to go on making the right choice for yourself.

People are generally left in the dark when it comes to understanding clothing labels because clothing brands generally don't manufacture tees that are comfortable and good for skin.

Brand speaks for itself

Generally clothing brands pick fabrics like synthetic, linen or polyester for getting the best customisation done so that the product is liked by customers at the very first appearance after it is being worn. 

Himkar, gives you the transparency to truly understand our label and to know what materials we used to create t-shirt, the care instructions and the brand logo.

Here, we present you five best materials that are good for customising t-shirts the way you want and that are affordable to wear.

1. Linen

Linen is one of the most elegant and stylish fabrics to put on even when you want to put on something casual. It comes from a flax plant and the weave is textured.

With a number of good qualities of this fabric, it becomes popular in summers due to its lightweight properties and breathability.

There can be a lot of t-shirts made from linen and can be customised easily but the fabric is confined to less printing techniques or customisations.

2. Polyester

Polyester is yet another fabulous choice for custom made t-shirts. Polyester is generally used in sports apparels because of its quick drying properties and the comfort.

It is a perfect choice for printing and designing as it does not shrink or stretch easily even after washing multiple times. Customising on polyester is a tricky task! 

It is generally preferred medium to work with when it comes to transfer printing technique. It requires passing the design from a special kind of paper or plastic to the garment to get a better shape of the design.

3. Poly-cotton blend

Poly-cotton blend is usually a mixture of both the worlds, natural and synthetic fabric. With a blend of polyester and cotton in equal ratio, the fabric is affordable and sometimes cheaper that 100% cotton fabrics.

The fabric is best suitable for online t-shirt customisation and other printing techniques. With all its good qualities, poly-cotton are not prone to shrinking and can be washed easily.

4. Rayon

Rayon is another fabric that is well adjusted with printing and dying. Rayon t-shirts are generally athletic-wear fabric and are an affordable alternative for silk. Its silky and light touch makes it easy to wear and your skin breathe easily after wearing it.

5. Tri Blends

With this, we mean a blend of three fabrics, cotton, polyester and rayon. You can easily go with your designs, be it western or ethnic with this tri blend fabric which will enhance and balance the colour and elegance of your design.

Each of the three fabric, with their different qualities creates a perfect blend for you to have a trendy customised t-shirt.

Who do we choose organic cotton?

Cotton- The "King of all fabrics", cotton is the most used fabric for printing in India. It has all the blend of looking fashionable, giving comfort and light in weight, this much loved fabric has all the "good to go" qualities for printing and designing the way you want.

We, at Himkar, prefer to create a manufacturer t-shirts made from organic cotton as we believe in giving our customers quality of the fibre with the. best range we have.

We choose organic cotton for our production of t-shirt as we believe in going natural and also because:

We believe in going natural-

Our label understand the importance of holding the standard of quality, customers believe in. With the durability in going natural, organic cotton t-shirts are what is being preferred these days as they are healthy for the environment and the eco-system where we live and survife.

Produced with no chemical and pesticides, organic cotton has the best standard quality we can provide to our customers. All our tees are global organic cotton textiles standard certified (GOTS).

Organic cotton t-shirts are a win-win-

With the efficiency to use organic cotton in manufacturing t-shirts, we also use natural and organic dyes for printing and giving some solid stylish colours to the t-shirts because we have the efficiency of utilising the natural resources.

The fabric is good for your skin-

Even with the process of customising the organic cotton t-shirts, it does not lose its ability to harm your skin in any way as it devoid of all forms of chemicals and harmful AZO dye that might be harmful when it comes in contact with your skin that might lead to common disease like cancer.

Organic cotton t-shirts help combat climate change-

So this is true! By wearing organic cotton t-shirts you are supporting the fight against climate change as organic cotton production reduces nitrogen inputs and eliminates the pesticides as organic cotton production reduces nitrogen inputs and eliminates the pesticides and fertilisers.

Such practices have shown 94% less greenhouse gas emissions. Producing organic cotton on the other hand, is also beneficial for water conservation and other practices that support a healthy ecosystem.

Now that you know why we, as a label, are so much inclined to the use and creating the production of organic cotton in India. So! what are you waiting for, get yourself fashioned with the organic cotton t-shirts available at Himkar and encourage the growth of an organic and clean ecosystem.