Most people don’t even know the difference between cotton and organic cotton. Organic cotton just sounds much more natural to them. 

Knowledge is of essence, if people don’t even know what is organic cotton then how will they convince themselves to buy it. 

People are not aware of the contribution to the nature they are giving by just buying organic cotton instead of common one. 

Most of us are under the impression that cotton is produced naturally, how it can be more natural by just putting an “organic” before cotton. 

Here we are going to enlighten you to the unknown facts about organic cotton and why it is important to choose organic cotton.

Organic cotton is produced without the use of toxic chemicals or genetically modified organisms. 

It is certified to organic agricultural standards. It benefits the soil, ecosystem and people by using natural processes instead of artificial ones. 

Cotton clothing will always be our first preference, there is no way that we can replace the comfort and softness of a cotton cloth with anything else. 

No matter what kind of synthetic we may use but it will never be as breathable and light as cotton. People don’t want to replace cotton with anything else. 

Their doubts in organic cotton are understood but they need to understand the importance of organic cotton for our environment. 

Cotton is one of the most comfortable fabrics out there. It is breathable so it can be worn in extreme of summer comfortably. 

It can be washed easily and less often as it doesn’t absorb odour. Its soft texture doesn’t cause any allergies. It doesn’t trap heat and allows moisture to evaporate. 

Whenever we choose to wear cotton, we are wearing less synthetic. Synthetic materials are created from harmful chemicals and these can be harmful when wore against skin. 

You might not know about the impact of these synthetic clothes on water when washed at home. These can make their way to sea and can affect the aquatic life. 

By using organic cotton clothing we can avoid this little harm we are doing to ourselves.  

Organic cotton is grown naturally without using any harmful chemicals. No matter how minor but the synthetic chemicals used is going to affect the final product. 

It will be harmful to you. Even the soil in which the crop is grown is affected by the pesticides and chemicals. 

Organic cotton is grown safely without the use of any toxic dyes or pesticides. It isn’t treated with any type of chemicals. 

Using synthetic materials and chemicals can be seen in the final product of the crop. These can have adverse effects while washing and even after the cloth is disposed it might affect the soil and water. 

Many studies stated that using pesticides in crops can lead to food allergies, obesity, etc. not only the people using them but the retailers who are selling or transporting them can be affected by the toxic materials. 

Growing cotton crops can make your soil infertile as it takes lots of minerals from soil. While using natural ways can help us preserve the fertility of the soil. 

Cotton crops takes a lot of water and resources but organic cotton is grown by using very minimal resources and water. 

It takes much more less water and gives out good quality crops. Even the farm owners are benefitted by using organic methods. 

Farmers don’t need to be exposed to chemicals and toxic pesticides and could create more profit from their crops because it takes fewer resources as compared to common cotton crops. 

This will encourage them to adopt organic farming methods. They can make additional profits as they can grow food crops along with cotton crops. 

Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS) makes sure that the farmers work under healthy environmental conditions. 

It restricts the farmers from using any kind of harmful chemicals in their crops. It makes sure that all the human rights are respected. 

People are hired for steady jobs and fair payments. Their hygiene is their utmost priority. They are fairly treated and not forced to overwork. 

It has plenty of environmental benefits. It doesn’t damage the soil, it has less impact on the air, it uses significantly less water and energy. 

It keeps farmers and their families safe as they are not exposed to toxic chemicals in their fields or water supplies. 

It can also help farmers grow more than one crop in their fields. It supplements them with food and increases their income.  

As growing scarcity of water, we need crops which take less water. Organic cotton is mostly supplied water through rain, which reduces pressure from local resources. 

Restriction on chemicals also makes sure that water is cleaner and safer. These crops are grown from organic cotton seeds. 

By not using chemicals, we can use the byproducts in our regular diet. Cookies, chips, vegetable oil and it's also fed to livestock. 

When you choose organic cotton over cotton, you are supporting for water conservation, famer livelihoods and much more. 

Public demand will encourage them to invest in organic farming. The price of organic cotton can be a bit higher sometimes, but not always. 

As it will rise in demand, you will have much more options. By using organic cotton instead of conventional ones you are showing your support for the new cropping methods. 

Paying a bit more you can improve the place we live in, the life of farmers that work for us. It all starts with a single step, so step forward to a greener earth.