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Fairtrade and Organic Cotton

Why Fairtrade

Fairtrade is a social label, and organic cotton is explicitly associated with environmentally friendly agriculture, ensure that cotton producers receive a reasonable price for their crop in order to improve the working and living condition of farmers and workers.

Nevertheless, Fairtrade standards also include environmental criteria. It is not just the environment which profits from its prohibition on the use of chemical fertilisers and pesticides.

Organic is explicitly associated with environmentally favourable cultivation. Fairtrade always try to offer a radically different alternative.

It is only about decent operation conditions, local sustainability, price, and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers in the developing world. Some facts and figures as below.


Why organic cotton?

Why Organic Cotton Organic cottons are grown without toxic chemicals which doesn’t damage the soil and has less impact on air. Compare to conventional cottons organic cotton uses 71% less water and 62% less energy.

Farmers and their families are safe who are growing organic cotton as they are less exposed to toxic chemicals in the fields. Even as a consumer our skin are also not exposed to any toxins.

Cotton is often grown in dry region and water used is through irrigation system. Though organic cotton is mainly dependent on rain which reduces pressure on local irrigation system.

Now, more and more brands and fashion houses are started looking towards organic cotton. Be a smart consumer and choose the right cotton apparel. If your choices are going to help farmer’s life, save our environment then we should certainly look for organic cotton apparel and nothing else.

The entire collection of our apparel is made out of fair trade certified organic cotton with love and care, straight from the organic farms of India to give you the best in organic clothing. 

Organic cotton

No genetically modified seeds are used

No chemical fertilisers are used for growth of cotton

Weeds are removed physically from ground

Organic cotton leaves fall off naturally from plant according to season

Conventional cotton

Genetically modified seeds are used in most of the cotton

Synthetic fertilisers are used to encourage growth of cotton

Chemicals are used to remove weeds

Conventional cotton leaves falls off plant due to chemical used so that it can be harvested

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