What is Himkar?

We Started in 2019 as a drop shipping business. Within a month we came to know that this is not our cup of tea. So we decided to develop our own brand. 

We started researching to do something in sustainable clothing with minimal design but high quality. We talked to manufacturer in the country. Finally we zeroed down to one and placed our orders. This is the way full fledged Himkar brand is born. 

We are working hard to become a leading sustainable brand in India.

Where did the name HIMKAR came from?

Actual origin of our brand name remains a secret. 

But we were looking for a simple name which is easy to remember and not too long to pronounce. Later our team developed a story around brand name. Meaning of Himkar in Hindi is cool the apparel which we sell is organic cotton which is also very cool during summer. A highly breathable fabric.

However actual origin of the brand name is still a secret.

Where are you located

We are located in Pune, India.

About orders

What form of payment do you accept

We accept all major credit, debit cards, UPI, internet banking and Cash on delivery. Cash on delivery is limited to certain pin codes. You need to check while placing an order.

Do you offer gift cards?

No right now we don't offer gift cards.

About shipping

Where do you ship

We ship across India. We have not yet started international shipping. Soon we will be shipping to most of the countries. 

What is the shipping cost

Shipping across India is completely free.  However, We charge Rs. 100 for cash on delivery orders across India.

How many days does shipping take

We take a week time to deliver our shipment to anywhere in India. 

Can I track my order

Once your order is shipped you received a sms with all the details.

About organic cotton

What is organic cotton?

Organic cotton is produced without the use of toxic chemicals and fertilizers due to which creates less impact on environment. Mainly grown in sutropical countries such as India, China, Turkey and some parts of USA. 

To save our climate we should start using organic cotton. Reason being farming of organic cotton requires less energy and maintains healthy soils. We all know that healthy soil store more carbon which helps in fighting the climate change.

There are third party agencies which verify that organic farming is done as per their standard and only follow the methods which are allowed in organic farming.

The huge benefit of organic cotton is it uses less water. Approximately 7000 L of water in required in producing one kg of organic cotton. On the other hand 29000 L of water is require to produce one kg of non organic cotton.

How is the apparel industry involve with organic cotton?

Apparel companies are developing either a 100% organic cotton program or a blend of organic cotton with conventional cotton. Like we have blended our t-shirt where 95% organic cotton and 5% lycra® is mixed which is making the t-shirt stretchable.

Other t-shirt which we have is 100% organic cotton t-shirt.

What is benefit of wearing organic cotton cloth?

Organic cotton clothing are best for sensitive skin

Environmental impact is less in the production of organic cotton clothing

When you are wearing organic cotton clothing you are actually saving the lives of farmers, workers and their families. Because they are getting less exposed to toxic chemicals, fertilizers etc. Since organic cotton is grown naturally. 

Organic cotton is durable and more softer thus cloth made up of organic cotton last long.

There are various certification body which audit the entire lifecycle right from processing to manufacturing to trading. As an end consumer you always get a quality product.

So, be a responsible citizen and understand the importance of organic cotton clothing. Make a wise decision and replace your wardrobe with organic cotton clothing.

Who all major brands are manufacturing organic cotton clothing?

There are various brand who have taken pledge to go 100% organic by 2025 and some of them are. HIMKAR is already an organic apparel brand. 

  • H&M
  • NiKE
  • Adidas
  • M&S
  • Tesco
  • Levis
  • Timberland

What is GOTS (Global organic textile standard)

GOTS is textile production certification which make sure that the garment which are manufactured does't use

  • Toxic chemicals 
  • Chemical free inks 
  • No bleach and other toxic substance 
  • Azo free dyes 
  • More you can learn from the link Global Organic Textile Standards

What is fairtrade

A name suggest fair trade means fair price, decent working conditions for farmers and workers. Click on Fairtrade link to learn more about fairtrade.


How to order bulk t-shirts

If you have bulk requirement of t-shirts you can directly send us an email hello@himkar.in or go to contact us page and click on live chat with us button. 

I love the design of your website can I hire you for my store front development

We don't promote such work. We are completely busy with Himkar and don' t have much time to engage in developing storefront for others.

Have you build your store using shopify?

Yes, we developed our store using shopify.

Do you still have more questions?

You can reach us in following way

If you need your answer immediately kindly click on Live chat with us button on contact us page. You will get immediate response.

Write to us at hello@himkar.in. We take 2-3 hours to reply back via email
Fill out form on contact us page and submit your requirement. We take 4-6 hours to respond back.